CyFlect® Honeycomb Tapes and Rolls

The CyFlect® Honeycomb tapes and rolls enable safer evacuation in the dark. They are visible through fog & smoke and retain reflective properties when wet. Those reflective and photoluminsecent tapes can mark  floors, stairways, doors, exit routes. They are also used to signal emergency equipment and identify rescue teams.

CyFlect® Honeycomb rolls are available in white as self-adhesive in 1,5” x 5′ (3,8cm x 1,52m).

CyFlect® Honeycomb tapes are available in white as self-adhesive and Sew On in:

  • 1” x 150′ (2,5cm x 45m)
  • 1,5” x 150′ (3,8cm x 45m)
  • 2” x 150′ (5cm x 45m)

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