Reflective Identification Patches with Numbers – Reflective & Photoluminescent

Available in 5 different colours, Cyflect® Identification Patches with Numbers are reflective and photoluminescent.
Each sheet contains 64 numbers of 1” x 1” (2,5cm x 2,5cm).

Colours: Black, Blue, Green, Red, yellow
Available numbers per sheet :
-0 to 4 for Black Sheet
-5 to 9  for Black Sheet
-0 to 9 for Blue, Green, Red and Yellow Sheets


Combat identification remains an important and recurrent problem. How to be sure that the person in front of us is a friend? This is even more so during times of stress.

Following different feedback of experiences from various military units, a way to locate and identify personal individually in the dark and at a short distance was missing for the team and team leaders. That’s why Cyalume developped individual reflective  and photoluminescent identification numeral patches.

Strategically placed, they allow a quick and easy identification of all group members without any particular optical device required.

The black sheet has photoluminescent numbers whereas with the other colors it is the background which is photoluminescent with the numbers in black. The photoluminescent capability is charged during exposure to natural or articifial light. In darkness or low light the photoluminescent elements will start to glow.

They are visible during both day or night to the naked eye, also visible with night vision devices in light intensifier mode or infrared mode.

Easy to fix on helmets, backpacks with velcro.

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